This page is available for listing German Shepherd Dogs who need to be re-homed. The German Shepherd Dog Club of Oregon feels a strong responsibility to assist owners of GSDs in finding homes for dogs they can no longer retain. We will list information provided by the owners. As we do not know the dogs, we cannot guarantee the information.

If you have a dog you are attempting to re-home, please email our web master for details on listing your dog here. This is for rescue dogs and not a "for sale" page. Costs should be limited to spay/neuter costs, donations to a rescue service or shipping costs. If you are looking for a dog, please consider these dogs. We also suggest you check out Pet Finders

Local Shelters with German Shepherds needing homes:

South West Washington Humane currently has an adult male and a young solid black female GSD


Remy (Remus) is a handsome 2.5 year old working-line GSD. He is a medium-high energy/intensity dog, an amazing hiking friend. Remus would make an excellent companion for a single active person in the city, and perhaps a very active family, who would approach his training as a part time job. Remy is still building urban confidence, he would do best in a home without children, or perhaps older, dog savvy children. Confident cats could certainly be okay. Remy does well with dogs at day care as he doesn't know his own strength, he needs to keep the company of similar, or very confident dogs (often, not small dogs). Remus has been doing well within an apartment for the past two years, it's possible he could adjust to another. Off leash K9 built a foundation for Remus' training. He does well with running, hiking or possibly scent tracking. Contingency training is necessary (Remy is still young), but many basics are covered. Remus displays some anxious behaviors, perhaps all of which could be redirected. With time and consistency, it is likely Remy could learn a rich, broad set of skills and develop into a calm, confident dog. As Remus falls within a breed category historically discriminated against, his people wish to be discerning in placing his new, permament home. If this animal sounds a fit for your home, please call Anna or Rena 334-268-7005 or 646-397-9105
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