This breed is extremely utilitarian and our membership has a wide variety of interests. As a result, we offer a full range of events and support the GSD entries at events offered by other clubs within our area.



Our meeting on May 7th - GSDCO educational Seminar featuring Maddy Turner of Wet Dog Wellness is CANCELLED. We will reschedule Maddy when it becomes safe to congreagate again.

July 31st, Aug. 1st, 2nd: Agility, Eugene OR - volunteers needed!

DOGGY FUN DAY - We are working on setting up a fun day for our membership and friends

THERAPY DOG CERTIFICATION TEST - Another certification test planned for the fall if enough teams need to be tested.

GSDCA Temperament Test
tentatively scheduled for September 2019 if enough parties interested

Educational Programs
A number of our meetings are educational programs on a variety of subjects.

Previous programs included Eye Problems in dogs, Alternative medicine, Canine Cancer, Allergies, Thermal Imaging for diagnostic help, Canine Blood Bank, Search and Rescue, Nose Work and more.

Events you would like to see?

The types of events are limited only by the interest and workers available. We currently have members planning events in scent work, tracking, herding, and others. If you would like to get involved and assist, please let us know.