Conformation showing

It may just look like a bunch of dogs running in big left handed circles, but the judge is evaluating how all parts of the dog function together, the dog's breed type is, and how good the temperament is. Judging is part science and part art - and you are getting that judge's evaluation of that dog's performance on that day. That might confuse the newcomer when one dog can win one day and not the next, but the dog's performance on that specific day might not be as it was the day before. When the quality is deep, it will be the minor points that determine the winner.

This is not just a "beauty contest". There is a serious purpose for conformation showing. It is part of the process of breed stock evaluation a reputable breeder goes through. The standard is not just a bunch of likes and dislikes. The standard describes the ideal German Shepherd Dog in both structure and temperament. "Breed Type" is what makes a dog a GSD. A quality dog will look like a GSD, act like a GSD and move like a GSD.

Dogs winning 15 points, 2 majors, in competition become AKC Champions. And recently the AKC added the "Grand Champion" title which requires an additional 25 points won after the dog becomes a Champion.

Like most other dog events, there are different levels of competition - from a practice fun match to the GSDCA National Specialty Show. The GSDCO hosts 2 conformation shows annually and we recently celebrated our 100th show.

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