Obedience & Rally

The difference between a good companion and a delinquent is often the type of training the dog has. Most of us attended obedience classes when we started in dogs and discovered what a wonderful team building activity it is. Many of us competed in Obedience and when the AKC added the more relaxed but also challenging Rally classes, we tried that also. Obedience has many levels of classes allowing each dog/handler team to find the appropriate degree of difficulty. From the basics of "heel", "come", "sit", "down" and "stay" in Novice to the Scent Discrimination, Directed Jumping and Signal Exercises in Utility, the Obedience program offers a chance to really challenge your training skills.

Obedience competitions have come a long way from the early obedience tests. Training these days has progressed to a positive education rather than some of the force based programs of the past. We respect the dog and his innate abilities and it is the teamwork aspect of the dog/handler team that is important.

Rally is less formal - more fun. With the heeling exercise as a basis, Rally throws in an assortment of tests that require the handlers to think on their feet and the dog to happily perform the skills.

So if you think Obedience means harsh training and militaristic marching, check again. You will be pleasantly surprised by the smiling dogs!

Not just for the show ring

Basic training makes all dogs better citizens. We strongly support responsible dog ownership which includes well mannered dogs who are a credit to their owners, breeders, and the world of purebred dogs. The AKC's CGC program is a good place to start and in some counties earning this certification gets you a discount on license fees. Come to one of our meetings and we will be happy to help you get started.